A Diretoria Adjunta de Relações Internacionais (DARI) tem como objetivo implementar e desenvolver a Internacionalização da Escola Politécnica. Propiciando experiências acadêmicas no Brasil e no exterior que acrescentem profissionalmente aos participantes e contribuam para o crescimento dos países envolvidos.



The foreign students that come to study at Polytechnic School of UFRJ can be placed with families or local apartments. The International Relations Office has a list of host families and references to local apartments. The cost of living with a family, where the student will have a private room to use, is around R$ 850,00 per month with breakfast or lunch included. A local apartment will cost around R$ 1.500,00.


In UFRJ there are restaurants with different items that usually cost around R$ 18,00 per meal. There are also some cafeterias that offer diverse sandwiches and plate options.

It is necessary that foreign students arrive in Brazil with a Health Insurance Plan that includes outpatient coverage. The private hospitals and clinics in Rio de Janeiro offer good services, but the services come at a high cost.

For the students that do not bring health coverage from the home institution, the university (UFRJ) can provide a plan together with CAURJ - Caixa Assistencial Universitária do Rio de Janeiro for their stay in Brazil:www.caurj.com.br


The campus is serviced by internal buslines that circle the principle points of the university. To arrive from other areas of Rio de Janeiro, there are other buses available that run at regular time intervals. To use the buses that run throughout the city, the average cost is R$ 3,00.