A Diretoria Adjunta de Relações Internacionais (DARI) tem como objetivo implementar e desenvolver a Internacionalização da Escola Politécnica. Propiciando experiências acadêmicas no Brasil e no exterior que acrescentem profissionalmente aos participantes e contribuam para o crescimento dos países envolvidos.


How does the exchange program work?

A: The purpose of the exchange program is to offer to international students the possibility to have the credits taken at Escola Politécnica of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro approved for their undergraduate courses at the home institution. You will have the same status of a regular brazilian student, therefore you will be able to enroll at most of the classes (according to your major) for credits.

When is the application deadline for the exchange program?

A: Our academic year is divided into two terms. If you intend to apply for the second term (August-December) the application deadline is April 30th. If you wish to come in the first term (February-July) you may submit your documents until September 30th (of the year before) for the first term.

How early should I apply?

A: Basically as soon as possible, as you will have to prepare some documents, enroll in classes, arrange accommodation, etc. You can apply to any term, and we will do our best to process your application efficiently.

Are the international students able to completely intermix with everyone else or are their courses separated from the Brazilian students?

A: Yes, we strongly recommend that Cultural exchange is one of the objectives. You will have classes with international students at the mandatory Portuguese as a second language for foreigners course and intermix with other Brazilian students at the regular professional courses.